Among our most popular products are our Blue Huck Surgical Towels which are the standard for window cleaners because they have such low lint! Our knit rags in white are the industry standard for professional painters while our colored knits are used extensively in industrial applications. We distribute our rags and wiping cloths to businesses in a wide variety of indus-tries, including hardware, paint, automotive, garden supply, beauty supply, schools, and mechanics. Just imagine the possibili-ties for your business! 

Lint Free Rags is a division of Burdisco Imports, LLC. We are among the fastest-growing distributors of lint free rags on the American east coast. Here, we specialize in the wholesale and discount sales of a variety of rags for janitorial and industrial use. We also do private labeling and sell our products to resellers, stores, and to private individuals. We sell by the pound, box, bag or bale. 

Blue Huck Rags


New & Reclaimed

White & Colored

Bulk T Shirt Rags
For all of your specialty wiping cloth needs, consider You won’t need to look anywhere else. Now, go clean up after yourself!

*Note – The term “lint free” is used in industry to denote cloths that have very low lint. No product is 100% lint free!